Anyone qualified for higher education at a university in Europe can study their bachelor’s degree abroad. A bachelor’s degree usually takes 3-4 years. We help students to apply for  bachelor studies in many countries all over the world. We’ll help you with your application, inform you about funding, housing and visa. Requirements for the admission process depend on what and where you want to study. Some institutions also require that you have taken a specific subject at a higher level and in case of the artistic educations you will be required to show a portfolio of your works. Also, most of institutions will require to see proof of your English proficiency either by a TOEFL or IELTS test. Sometimes, universities can accept your English high school grade as proof of your English proficiency. In case of taking a full bachelor degree abroad you will get both professional and personal contacts in the country where you study. Therefore, a lot of students who study abroad decide to work in the country they have been studying in after they graduate.